HDPE Glass Lined (HDPEGL) Sheet

HDPE Glass Lined (HDPEGL) Sheet


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Noted for its excellent chemical resistance in corrosive environments,
this polymer is easily welded and machined. High Density Poly Ethelene, as
well as a popular heat-stabilized formulation, are used in various
applications throughout the chemical and Other industries..
Sheet Range: HDPE Glass Lined (HDPE GL) Sheet Standard One Side Plain and
             One Side Fibre Fabric Cloth.
Application : HDPE Glass Lined Sheet Uses for make Chemical Process Equipment,
              Chemical Storage Tank Purpose, FRP Tank Purpose and other non
              Corrosion equipment uses in varies filed and its Industries.
HDPE Glass Lined (HDPE GL) Sheet Size :
Thickness  : 3mm ,5mm
Width      : Upto 1500 mm
Length     : 10 Meter
Standard Size (mm)  : 1250mm x 10 Meter, 1500 mm x 10 Meter
Standard Color      : Black

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